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    Time to celebrate Red Nose Day!

    As we near May 24th, you may have seen people wearing and selling red noses. But what do they mean?

    Red Nose day is a world-wide day of fundraising founded by the nonprofit Comic Relief. This campaign combats childood poverty and since its founding in 1988, has swept the world.

    Celebrities such as Ludacris, Jack Black, and Ed Sheeran have joined the efforts to push this campaign to unimaginable heights.

    On Thursday, May 24th, tune into NBC to celebrate the campaign and fundraise for this organization. All donations go to the welfare of children in all 50 states along with Puerto Rico, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

    Since its launch in the US, this organization has:

    • Raised $100 million dollars
    • Helped 8 million children
    • Given 7 million children medical services
    • Given 9 million children educational services
    • Served 32 million meals to hungry American children
    • Raised $1 billion globally

    So this Thursday, wear your red nose and support this incredible cause.

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    Learn more about Red Nose Day here.

    Photos courtesy of The Today Show

    Time to celebrate Red Nose Day!