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    When life gives you lemons, make a donation

    A 6-year-old in Atlanta started a lemonade stand and raised $13,000 to help families separated at the border.

    With news of immigrant families being separated at the Mexico-US border taking over the public consciousness last week, Shannon Cofrin Gaggero asked her son if he would like to help.

    He responded, “What about a lemonade stand?” And then he got to work.

    Gaggero raised over $1,100 in person and a total of $13,000 with the help of a Facebook page, which he donated to RAICES. The Texas-based nonprofit provides educational and legal services for immigrants and is working to reunite children with their families.

    Gaggero's contribution was part of a broader, $20 million campaign, which tripled the yearly operating budget of RAICES.

    Gaggero's stand featured signs to raise awareness, including "Kids belong with their families."

    Photo courtesy of Shannon Cofrin Gaggero

    When life gives you lemons, make a donation