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When a boy with cancer wanted to build a lemonade stand, employees at Home Depot did not disappoint

Christian Redmon, an 8-year-old from Florida, wanted to build a lemonade stand to help his friend who is battling cancer. His mother called Home Depot to ask if there was any way they could buy the wood and supplies at a discounted price. When they arrived at the store, the mother and son assumed they would just be picking up wood. They had no idea they would be taking home a fully-built lemonade stand.

Christian's friend, Silas, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood cancer. While the family had already been experiencing financial issues, this disease put them even deeper into trouble.

Christian's mother, Dawn, posted on facebook of the employees' kindness, and it has inspired many others to help with fundraising for Silas and his family.

The lemonade stand is set to happen on the 1st of September.

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