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Stepping up Sustainability: A shoe brand saves the environment

Because of Rothy's, an eco-friendly San Francisco based shoe company, kids can not only learn how to recycle but also how to actually wear recyclable products.

Rothy's recently launched their kids' brand of recyclable shoes. Each shoe is sewn from fibers from recycled plastic, so not only are these shoes stylish, but also extremely practical. They were described by Fast Company as the perfect hand me down shoes. "We hope these shoes will last longer than the child can fit into them, so they can hand them down to another girl," says Ellie Donahue, vice president of marketing at Rothy's.

The brand has spread around the world and is known for both fashion and comfort.

"As Rothy's launches the girls' flat," Fast Company says, "it will continue to explain its eco-friendly manufacturing process, but it is also entrusting some of this storytelling to parents, many of whom are drawn to the brand specifically for its commitment to sustainability."

For $65 a pair, your child can get a sustainable pair of shoes that they can pass down to their children!

Thanks for saving the world one pair of shoes at a time, Rothy's.

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