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Santa Curtis

Photo courtesy of KXAS

An elementary school bus driver in Dallas surprised his students by buying gifts for all 70 of them this Christmas.

Curtis Jenkins originally planned to host a gift exchange with the 70 kids who ride his bus each day. When his wife pointed out that not all of the families may be able to afford gifts to contribute, Curtis took matters into his own hands.

Putting away a portion of his paycheck throughout the year, Curtis saved enough and asked each kids what they wanted from Santa for Christmas. On the day before vacation started, the bus was filled with their answers; puzzles, toys, electronics, and even a bike.

The act of kindness brought some parents to tears. One co-worker noted that this wasn't a special act but rather a part of Curtis's nature. “I see him every morning giving (the kids) life lessons. Such a great man."

“When I opened that door, one of the kids asked me, ‘Are you Santa?’” said Curtis. “Seeing those faces on the kids was more than anything I could ever do with the money.”

He may not be Santa, but he might be as close as you can get.