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Picking the perfect pup just got easier


Aiden Horwitz, 13, is on a mission to end the need for animal shelters.

As part of her 'Passion Project' at Austin Jewish Academy in Texas, the 8th-grader launched a website to make it happen.

The site,, allows users to take a survey to match them with local shelter dogs based on their lifestyles. The aim is to eliminate the problem of people returning dogs to shelters because they weren't the right fit.

"Pretty much over half the dogs that are in shelters are because people get the wrong kind of dog for their family," Aiden told local radio station, KXAN.

Users answer 13 questions about their home life, family size, and other metrics and then receive recommendations of dogs available for adoption through the local organization 'Austin Pets Alive!'.

(We definitely didn't spend 20 minutes scrolling through all of the pups they have available.)

So far, Dog Do Or Dog Don't has over 10,000 views and has helped 5 doggos find their forever homes.

Although a local project right now, Aiden has plans to expand to other areas around the state and perhaps beyond.

As she put it, "My very big goal is that there's no need for animal shelters."