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After her final chemo session, Christina Muneton was greeted by a parade of family and friends to celebrate beating cancer

Cristina Muneton, 58, was greeted by a parade as she returned home from a chemotherapy appointment where the doctors said she was less at risk for contamination and could be around family and friends.

Christina was left speechless when she came home to her friends and family holding signs and balloons, celebrating her finishing her battle with ovarian cancer.

After being diagnosed with cancer in February, Christina had to endure six rounds of chemo over a 148 day period. Her family wanted to be there to celebrate her final session.

“You can see the pure joy and feeling of love that she felt in the moments when she realized that all of the people that had lined the streets of her neighborhood were there for her," her niece, Belkis Plata told msn. “I think love transcends all languages, and it’s clear to witness my aunt’s genuine surprise and elation to see so many of the people she loves celebrate this achievement with her.”

Congratulations Christina. For the full story, read here.