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Maternal mortality rate at a record low, all thanks to music

Photo courtesy of the Guardian

According to the WHO, India has had a groundbreaking decline in maternal mortality in recent years. It is down by a whopping 77%, and that monumental decrease is because of a few key things: Save the Women and folk music.

Save a Mother, an international nonprofit, has been working in villages in India in an effort to train and send teams of women to instruct their own communities on reproductive health.

One leader said she had success in her teaching by changing the lyrics of folk songs to sing facts about nutrition, breastfeeding, birth control, and maternal health care.

“They find it easier to remember what I’ve told them if they sing it,” Gita Gupta, a team leader, told the Guardian.

This organization has reached over 1,100 villages across the country and has contributed to the huge decline in both maternal and infant mortality.

Because of this, the Indian government has increased their efforts to foster better health care and accessibility to health care. Beyond that, they have made strides in increasing literacy amongst women to allow them to be able to educate themselves and others on health care, healthy relationships, and reproductive health.

Thank you for the music, and keep up the great work.

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