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Immunotherapy provides first of its kind breast cancer breakthrough

The Guardian

For the first time, a patient with late-stage breast cancer has been cleared of the disease through immunotherapy.

Judy Perkins of Florida was given three years to live after chemotherapy failed to treat a tumor in her breast, which had spread throughout her body and to her liver. She was then selected for the new form of treatment, which harnesses the power of the human immune system to fight tumors.

Perkins's response was remarkable, and her complete turnaround has doctors and researchers excited for the treatment's potential on a large scale. Clinical trials will be completed to assess the therapy's ability to treat a large number of patients.

For now, Judy is thrilled the treatment could make all the difference for her.

“I had resigned my job and was planning on dying. I had a bucket-list of things I needed to do before the end, like going to the Grand Canyon,” she said. “Now, I have gone back to normal everyday life.”

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