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Honoring the true meaning of Memorial Day

Photos courtesy of ABC

For many people, Memorial Day has become a long weekend for barbecues and beach days. However, people like Jordan Houghton and others from the American Legion have been working tirelessly to cherish the true meaning of Memorial Day: honoring those who fell in the service of our country.

Houghton, a veteran himself, has been working the past few weeks to clean the thousands of headstones of veterans at the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery in North Seattle.

"We wanted to refocus it and make it more about what it is; which is a remembrance for those that have passed or were lost in the conflicts that we've had," Houghton said in an interview.

Houghton has found solace and reverence in this task; he has met with families of the fallen and learned countless stories in an effort to honor those buried in the cemetery.

Thank you for your service, Houghton, and thank you honoring the meaning of Memorial Day.

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