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Hero of Halifax Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle saves her baby brother from drowning

Photo courtesy of Kelly Jackson and MSN

Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle is 9 years old with cerebral palsy. She cannot walk or talk, but she can save lives. Recently, she saved her baby brother from drowning in a pool, making her a hero.

As Lexie's family was running around to get ready for her 9th birthday party, they didn't notice when one-year-old Leeland jumped into the pool and was unable to swim.

Lexie, who is always watching her brother, saw him struggling. Unable to walk or talk, she did what she knew would get her family's attention as fast as possible.

She screamed as loud as she possibly could.

Her family came rushing down, expecting Lexie to be hurt or in need of them, but they soon realized that it was Leeland that needed saving. They pulled him out of the pool just in time.

Because of Lexie's heroism, she was recognized by Halifax Regional council. Kelly Jackson, Lexie's mother, explains that "Some people think that because they have a disability, they are not able to do things, but if she could walk, she would have grabbed him and he would have never gone out there. Her disability is all physical. She is a very bright girl."

We hear you loud and clear, Lexie! Way to go!

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