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Genevieve Via Cava's $1 million legacy

Photo courtesy of MSN

Genevieve Via Cava was a public-school teacher in Dumont, New Jersey, for 45 years. It has been 7 years since she passed away, but her legacy has lived on. This April, Via Cava's estate gave her old school $1 million.

Via Cava had no children or immediate family of her own but collected a large sum of money due to her savvy saving techniques. The donation she left was dedicated to fund scholarships for special education students seeking post-secondary education.

Starting with next spring's high school graduates, these scholarships will be awarded to one or more students planning to continue their education, amounting in a maximum of $25,000 per student.

Richard Jablonski, a close friend and executer of Via Cava's will, said she was always talking about how much she loved her work. Now, he said, "her name will go on forever, and rightfully so."

Because of her generosity, Genevieve Via Cava's legacy can live on for many years to come.

Thank you, Genevieve.

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