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Dirty Girls, Strong Coffee, Powerful Women


When Jane Cavarozzi started her coffee company, Dirty Girl, in 2015, she never expected it to be what it is today: a place for women in Appalachia to work and make a life for themselves.

Cavarozzi buys fair trade, organic, grown-by-women coffee beans to support women's initiatives. "That's important," she says, "because women coffee farmers are often vulnerable to abuse and exploitation."

Cavarozzi's goals are to bring "skill-building, job-creating businesses to an area with little industrial infrastructure." She wants to use these goals to inspire disadvantaged women to learn a skill–-such as growing coffee--and to become self-sufficient.

Cavarozzi currently sells products in almost two dozen outlets around the southeast and central Ohio, and the brand continues to grow. "We use coffee to open up a conversation," she said.

"For me and for a lot of young women in the foothills of Appalachia, it can be kind of difficult to find a good gig," said Maryrose Littler, one of Cavarozzi's former employees.

Her efforts are to not only support local business initiatives and economies, but to support women and women's leadership.

Here's Cavarozzi's full story. You're going to love it a latte.