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Bye-Bye Pesticides

Photo Courtesy of Good News Network

A new solar-powered robot identifies and kills weeds and could limit the need for herbicides on farms.

The multibillion-dollar pesticide industry could be in for a shake-up. Currently, large amounts of herbicide are sprayed across fields, covering both unwanted weeds and crops. Crops have to be genetically modified to resist the weed-killing chemicals.

But a new technological development has created robots that roll across crops, identify weeds, and spray a small amount of herbicide to kill only the problematic weeds.

The four-wheeled robots identify and spray weeds with 95% accuracy.

Large companies such as John Deere have teamed up with robotics companies to design more robots like these to combat weeds in an economic and environmentally-friendly way.

These robots could be rolling off the shelves and onto the farm in 2019.

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