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A team of superheroes' most powerful strength: window washing

A team of superheroes flew down to save the day for some patients at Blank Children's hospital in Iowa.

This was the third annual visit from a team of superheroes from Larry's Window Cleaning service to the hospital, where they rappelled down to wash windows, say hello to the children, and even play some games with them.

"There are a lot of kiddos who call Blank home throughout the year. ... The kids get to see superheroes come right to their window," hostpital spokeswoman Amy Varcoe said in an interview.

Both the children and the parents were incredibly thankful for the superheroes visit.

"To see a familiar face of a superhero kind of puts them at ease a little bit so they can stress less," parent Addie Back said.

Thank you for giving these kiddies the heroes they deserve.

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