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A Canadian organization creates a pay-what-you-can supermarket

Toronto Star

Feed it Forward, an organization that ensures healthy and nutritious meals across Canada, is working with larger supermarkets to create a supermarket that sells food at "pay as you can" price.

At this supermarket, customers can take as much as they want; and if they are not able to pay, they can still leave with their items. They are only allowed to take one day's worth of food to keep the store stocked but can come in as often as they need!

While some people cannot pay for their food, those who can are asked to pay it forward and purchase other's groceries for them.

This idea was created by Chef Jagger Gordon, who was appalled at the amount of waste big corporations and supermarkets create even when the food is not really bad at all.

The food comes from cafés, supermarkets, and other vendors who are legally obligated to throw the food out.

“The concept behind the store is showcasing how Canadians can utilize the food that’s destined for landfills: perfectly edible food that shouldn’t be thrown out and can be filling the empty bellies of our citizens,” Gordon told The Star.